World’s First Hands-Free Smartphone Hits the Market

The world’s first touch-free smartphone, known as Sesame Enable, has finally been introduced, allowing people with spinal cord injuries, ALS, cerebral palsy and other conditions to control their smartphones without the use of their hands. The phone uses head-tracking technology with a front-facing camera to help disabled users to navigate their way through their phone.

We introduced the Sesame Phone late last year when it was still in its conceptual form. Since then, the design won a $1 million prize through a Verizon Powerful Answers’ Award, giving the developer the jump-start he needed to bring the phone to the market.

The Sesame Enable is available to order through Indiegogo for $700, but Giora Livne, the developer, said he plans to give away 30 phones to people who were nominated by their peers. Sesame received more than 150 nominations for free phones. Livne came up with the idea for the phone after watching a TV commercial for head-controlled video games.

So far, five people have received a Sesame phone, including a little boy in Britain with muscular dystrophy, as well as a former Israeli soldier.

People who have ordered the $700 phone through Indiegogo are expected to receive their devices next month.

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