WhiteAlbum App Brings Back Nostalgic Feel of Disposable Cameras

Remember the days of disposable cameras, when you got nervously excited every time you picked up your pictures at the print center? You didn’t know if they turned out well or whether you truly captured the moment. You just had to snap a photo and hope for the best.

Most people these days miss out on that adrenaline rush because they can view their photos in real time on their smartphones. Why wait a day to see the pictures when they are available immediately, right? For people who are looking to get back that nostalgic feeling of working with a disposable camera, a new app called WhiteAlbum could restore those memories for you once again.

With WhiteAlbum, you don’t get to see the pictures you take right away. They are stored in an account until you take 24 of them, and then you can opt to pay $20 to have them printed and shipped to your door. Sure, that price is steep, but it does cover global shipping options.

The prints that come in the mail look a bit like old Polaroids, with the classic white border around them. They are 4×5 inch photos printed on 100lb smooth satin paper.

The WhiteAlbum app is now available to download for free from the iTunes Store.

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Lynn Oldshue is a PR professional who has worked with the Birmingham Zoo, Coca – Cola , the Alabama Theatre, and the Saenger Theatre. She has covered personal finance issues for 10 years. Lynn can be contacted at [email protected]