New Site Shows Where Your Smartphone Works While Traveling

Traveling to another country and wondering if your smartphone will work? A new website called Will My Phone Work? tells you whether your specific phone will work in a certain area of the world.

Every region of the world has its own network upon which phones operate. While many phones in Europe and Asia are made to operate globally, phones sold in the United States may not work outside of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. If you are planning a trip overseas in the near future, a simple search on Will My Phone could save you from being without phone service during your vacation.

To use the search engine, all you do is select your phone and travel information from the drop-down menus provided on the website. You select your brand, model and sub-model of phone, as well as the country you’re traveling to and your current phone carrier. You will then be told whether your device is compatible with the carrier’s networks.

Currently, Will My Phone Work covers over 800 mobile carriers and 2,000 smartphones and cell phones worldwide. The database even includes new phones on the market, such as the Amazon Fire Phone and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

The creators of the website say they add new carriers and devices nearly every day, and can take special requests if your phone is not listed on their website.

As a backup though, talk to your carrier about your coverage options in other countries so you can get official word on how to prepare for your trip.

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