The Neptune Smartwatch Could Replace Your Smartphone

There have been rumors about numerous smartwatches and other wearables hitting the market over the next year, but the new Neptune Hub stands out from the crowd. The device is designed to replace your smartphone, rather than pairing with it, so all you need is a basic accessory to accomplish your goals throughout the day.

The screen on the Neptune Hub is only 2.4 inches, but it comes with an add-on that you can connect to make the display much larger. This is what the company refers to as a “dumb screen,” and it essentially acts as a computer monitor for the smartwatch when you need a larger viewing area. If you want to play a game, respond to an email, or see a picture in full view, the dumb screen will allow you to do this. It also acts as a backup battery pack so you can charge your smartwatch on the go.

The Neptune Hub has 64 GB of storage as well as support for 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. The dumb screen accessory comes with a 5 inch screen with a 720 HD display, front and rear cameras and a 2800mAh battery.

Neptune was founded by Simon Tian, a 20-year-old Canadian who wanted to take the power of wearables to the next level. Most smartwatches act as a secondary screen for a smartphone, providing the most basic information possible on the screen. Tian envisioned a device that could replace smartphones entirely, and he believes he has succeeded.

The Hub and dumb screen can be purchased together as a Neptune Duo for $798. The company offers some prepaid discounts, including a price of $498 if you pay the entire amount up front.

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