New Verizon App Offers Virtual Doctor Visits

Verizon recently announced a new program which allows patients to talk to the doctor without actually having to go to the doctor.

The Verizon Virtual Visits app is a modern-day version of a house call. Instead of you having to go to the doctor’s office, Verizon Virtual Visits brings your doctor to you. The program is ideal for simple health issues which can be easily diagnosed, such as a cold or sore throat. The entire visit happens through a video chat on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

There are a variety of benefits from this program. Patients have the ability to save money on costly visits to a doctor or urgent care facility. Sick patients are less likely to infect other patients in a waiting room if they are able to stay at home. Doctors can potentially see more patients in a single hour because they can just talk on camera.

Virtual Visits may also reduce the workload of the nurses and other staff members in an office who normally prepare patients for their appointments. Those workers may still do certain tasks before a patient sees a doctor, but everything happens remotely.

In the world of healthcare technology, advances like this could make a big difference for patients and doctors alike.

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