Verizon Introduces New Wireless Home Phone

Verizon Wireless is now offering a wireless home phone. The Novatel T2000 will be available online and at Verizon Wireless retail stores for $29.99 with a two-year contract. Current Verizon Wireless customers can add the home phone for $10 per month, and other customers will pay $20 per month.

The T2000, which will feature voicemail, unlimited domestic calls and E911 service, also offers an informational display, fax support and a port for home security systems.

“The new T2000 brings some of the most advanced, VoLTE based, landline voice and data features of its class to Wireless Home Phone customers on the nation’s largest and most reliable network,” says Stephen Sek, SVP and CTO of Novatel Wireless. “With the support of legacy circuit switched services such as fax, the T2000 enables customers to seamlessly migrate from traditional wireline phone services to the advanced wireless 4G network with superior user experience and ease.”

Verizon and Novatel say customers can save money by switching from their current landline to wireless home service, and users can take the T2000 with them if they are traveling to a mobile job site or going on vacation. Customers can use the phone at a new location without calling customer support.

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