First Ubuntu Smartphone Hits the European Market

Smartphone shoppers in Europe now have the option to buy the world’s first Ubuntu smartphone. The popular linux operating system provider has finally made its way to market with the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, starting at €169.90.

A Ubuntu smartphone has been in development for some time. In 2013, Canonical (the makers of Ubuntu) launched an Indiegogo campaign to develop the Ubuntu Edge, but that soon fizzled out. The Aquaris E4.5 is the first phone backed by the Ubuntu OS to officially reach the market.

The Aquaris E4.5 isn’t exactly high on the list when it comes to features. The phone comes with a 4.5 inch display, as indicated by the name, and provides a 960×540 resolution. It only comes with 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM, putting it far behind the latest options from Samsung, Apple and even the low-end Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi.

Since Ubuntu does not run off the Android or iOS platform, users will have to settle for web-based versions of their favorite apps. This may not be an issue though, as buyers of the first Mozilla Firefox phone are facing the same lack of apps on their phones.

Ubuntu is one of the largest providers of the Linux operating system, so it is likely to have enough loyal fans to purchase its smartphone. If it follows in Mozilla’s footsteps, there will be several more Ubuntu smartphones to hit the market in the future.

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