Turn Your Phone into a Heads-Up Display for Your Car

Want a heads-up display on your car but can’t afford to buy that option from the factory? Then you may want to consider Navdy.

Navdy is a tiny projector that puts important information from your smartphone onto your windshield. For instance, if you like to use navigation on your phone while traveling, you can see the nav map through the heads-up display. This keeps your eyes on the road to ensure maximum driving safety.

Navigation isn’t the only thing that can display through Navdy’s projection screen. You can see caller ID, instant messages and text messages.

This transparent heads-up display is a little pricey at $299, but that is much less than what you might pay to have a heads-up display installed in your car. And of course, you can’t take an installed heads-up display out of that specific car. Navdy will travel from car to car so you never have to worry about reinvesting.

The technology in Navdy is not new, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto already making their way onto the market. However, those devices work off a car’s existing dashboard touchscreen, while Navdy works through iOS and Android via Bluetooth signals. Navdy also works even when you don’t have a smartphone hooked up, displaying information like your speed and other data from basic car gauges.

Currently, Navdy is available for pre-order on their site. There is no exact release date set.

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