Turn on Your Smartphone without Using Your Power Button

A new app for Android devices known as WakeUp allows you to turn on your smartphone screen with motion rather than your power button. The app enables you to unlock your phone just by picking it up and moving it toward you, allowing a hands-off approach.

This may sound like a solution for the lazy, but it is actually quite practical. This app will help users who have broken power buttons on their phones, and it could also protect your power button from breaking from overuse.

One drawback is the fact the app utilizes a lot of battery life to use. In response to this, the product’s description on the Play Store says, “The application uses a little battery while monitoring because it prevents the device from going to sleep; you can then set how long it will be monitoring the movement of the device: the convenience comes at a cost!”

So far, the app has seen some fairly positive reviews. There is no information at this time about whether it will be available for iOS, but it can be accessed through the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app is free and easy to use, and you can adjust multiple settings to determine its sensitivity.

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