Trustev Speeds Up Smartphone Sales at RadioShack

RadioShack has partnered with award-winning Irish startup Trustev to speed up smartphone sales at the store level. The electronic retailer will use Trustev’s services to quickly verify the identity of applicants before selling them a phone, creating a more pleasant buying experience.

Trustev utilizes ‘data fingerprinting’ to identify shoppers and reduce fraudulent transactions. The program works both online and offline, which gives RadioShack the best possible chance of processing its customer’s applications quickly in store. In order to verify an applicant’s identity, Trustev uses a mix of proxy analysis, blacklisting, and data point analysis, such as email addresses and integrated credit checks.

Trustev is not able to discuss their partnerships with retailers because of the confidential nature of their business. RadioShack is the first one to offer insight into how Trustev’s programs will be used to improve the way the store operates.

“We sought a partner who could enhance our ability to serve customers quickly, and screen qualified buyers for different types of mobility plans,” said Paul Rutenis, CMO at RadioShack. “We are excited to deploy proven technology that provides a sophisticated, leading-edge solution for RadioShack.”

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