Trade Your Cell Phone for Cash at an Eco ATM

In an effort to save nearly two million pounds of electronic waste over the next three years, a company called Outerwall has created a network of eco ATMs, designed to provide cash for recycled cell phones. Outerwall has more than 1,100 eco ATMs in America, and the company continues to expand their reach every year.

To use an eco ATM, you simply put your phone, tablet or other electronic device into the machine so it can assess the quality of the device and rate it. It will also make sure the device is not registered as stolen. The ATM will then tell you how much your device is worth, which could be as much as $300. If you agree to the terms, the machine will hold onto your device and provide you with cash in exchange for it.

Old or damaged electronic devices may not hold any value, but the eco ATM can still take care of it for you. It will recycle the device on your behalf, which will help curb the amount of e-waste currently flooding the country.

Eco ATMs are mostly located inside of malls and large shopping centers. You must provide a photo ID in order to use one, along with a finger print. If the device shows up stolen in the future, you can then be held accountable.

You may use the locator on the eco ATM website to find an ATM location near you.

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