TracFone Introduces Text Messaging Reload Cards

TracFone was one of the first prepaid phone providers on the market, and continues to be a trusted name in pay-as-you-go cell phone service. Loyal TracFone consumers have another reason to celebrate, thanks to the company’s launch of the text messaging reload card.

Traditionally, a TracFone user would buy a set of credits–or airtime–that can be applied to phone calls, text messages and Internet time. Some phone models offer free incoming text messages, while others charge a fee for each text, whether incoming and outgoing. With the new reload card, users can pay $10 for 1,000 text messaging credits that will not take away from their cell phone minutes.

There is a slight catch. The text messaging card cannot be used on its own; a user must have an active account with minutes on the phone.

It is important to note that the text message reload card does not cover multi-media messages, or those containing videos or photos. These are included as part of a data plan, which uses either minutes on the phone or can be refilled using a data reload card.

The text messaging reload card has not yet been released, but it should be hitting the market shortly. You can find a store near you or monitor the website to get access to your text messaging reload options.

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