Top 15 Game Apps of 2014

One of the many benefits of smartphone technology is the ability to play innovative games on your handheld device. Gone are the days of basic Tetris and Hangman. They have been replaced with apps that are just as vivid as modern day video games. Here’s a look at the top 15 game apps of 2014.


This list shows puzzle apps that will test your brain and help you build your critical thinking skills:

  • World of Goo: Travel through the “World of Goo” by building intricate bridges and structures out of blobs of goo. The goal is to get a certain number of goo balls to a tube at the end of each level, so you must be strategic in the way you build your structures.
  • Candy Crush: This free app spread like wildfire when it first hit the market, and it has quickly become an addiction for most avid smartphone users. Each level consists of a board with different types of candy on it. You must switch pieces of candy to create rows of three or more, keeping in mind the target task for the level.
  • Cut the Rope: This may be one of the cutest apps on the list when it comes to characters and graphics. Don’t let that undermine its difficulty though. In Cut the Rope, you must get a piece of candy to a creature in the level called Om Nom, and you do so by cutting ropes attached to the candy at strategic times. There are multiple versions of this app on the market, including “Cut the Rope: Experiments” and “Cut the Rope: Time Travel.”
  • Words with Friends: This game is a play on the classic, Scrabble. It allows you to challenge other mobile users to a battle of words, seeing who can come up with the most points by connecting words on a board. You can play against friends or strangers, and you can manage multiple boards at once.


These are the games that will get your heart racing every second of gameplay:

  • Rayman Jungle Run: Based on the Rayman series for video game consoles, this app allows you to take Rayman through a series of adventures in the jungle, collecting coins along the way. Rayman only runs in one direction until he hits an obstacle to flip him, so the challenge is collecting each coin in a level before it is too late.
  • Angry Birds: This will forever be a classic in the world of smartphone apps. Angry Birds requires you to use birds of different forms to knock over blocks on the other side of the screen. These blocks destroy evil green pigs that have apparently angered the birds. There are many spinoffs to this game, including Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Pigs.
  • Where’s My Water?: This app from Disney may seem like child’s play, but it is actually a game of strategy, skill, timing and intensity. The goal is to dig a path in dirt to get water from a pool or faucet to a hose at the bottom of the screen. Get enough water in without allowing the poison to infect the water, and Swampy the Crocodile can get the bath he desires.
  • Temple Run: Countless players have experienced the excitement of Temple Run and Temple Run 2 on their smartphones. This game involves an endless amount of running as you strive to keep your character away from a giant monkey trying to catch you.


These are the best smartphone games for sports enthusiasts:

  • Virtua Tennis Challenge: This app is for tennis lovers who want the feeling of a real tennis game from their smartphones. The app allows you to create a custom player that can do trick shots and build new skills throughout the game. It is the most realistic tennis game available for mobile devices.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted: A mobile adaptation of the popular video game, Need for Speed Most Wanted puts you through a series of races to upgrade cars, earn money and open new courses to run. The cars are all based on their counterparts in the real world, pulling true performance specs to make the app more realistic.
  • Real Boxing: Real boxing features stunning graphics that will make you feel like you’re watching an actual boxing match. Teach your character to jab, cut, hook and effectively take down his opponents in the ring.
  • New Star Soccer: While the graphics for this game may not be up to par with others on this list, the game makes up for that in the way it plays. You get to control an individual player in the game to help your team hit goals. Your play will get better as you pass through the levels, making the game even more exciting.


These apps will have you thinking five steps ahead of the game:

  • Clash of Clans: In this game, you build a village and train troops to battle other players on the network. Your goal is to protect your land while invading other people’s domains, which will ultimately expand your kingdom.
  • Hay Day: Hay Day is similar to the classic Facebook game Farmville, but it does offer a slightly different setting to play in. You can grow crops, raise livestock and tend to your own virtual farm on your phone. Trade livestock with friends to build the perfect farm, and you’ll be reminiscing your GigaPet days in no time.
  • Waking Mars: This game allows you to explore the Red Planet while you grow a full ecosystem of plants and aliens to call your own. The longer you tend to your portion of Mars, the more you can do with it. This is an interesting take on farming games that brings a little bit of astronomy to the mix.

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