Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Cool This Summer

As the summer heat rages on, your body will start to feel the effects of the never-ending sun. But you may not realize that your smartphone can be a victim of the heat as well.

In order to protect your phone from heat damage, follow these quick tips from AT&T on how to keep your smartphone cool in the summer:

  • Keep your phone in a shaded area when you are not using it. Exposing it to direct sunlight can drain your battery and wear out your screen.
  • Get a good case and screen protector to keep the dirt away. Dust and grime can get into the inner workings of the phone and cause it to work harder than it should to stay running.
  • Turn your phone off if it is getting overheated. Give it a chance to cool down without having to heat back up from Facebook updates and text messages.
  • Keep your phone away from other devices. Don’t stack it on top of your computer or tablet because those devices produce heat as well.

Follow those tips throughout the summer, and you won’t risk damaging your smartphone.

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