Texting While Driving Just as Dangerous with Google Glass as Smartphones

The invention of Google Glass may make life more convenient for people, but that convenience does not always convert to safety. New research indicates that texting while driving is just as dangerous using Google Glass as texting with a smartphone.

The study, conducted by the University of Central Florida in cooperation with the Air Force Research Laboratory, included 40 participants who were put into car simulators and told to use a smartphone or Google Glass while “driving”. Their reaction times were measured by their ability to tap on their brakes at an appropriate time.

The results showed Google Glass users experienced the same level of delays in their reaction times as users on smartphones.

“As distractive influences threaten to become more common and numerous in drivers’ lives, we find the limited benefits provided by Glass a hopeful sign of technological solutions to come,” said Ben Sawyer, a researcher from the University of Central Florida. “Texting with either a smartphone or Glass will cause distraction and should be avoided while driving.

“While Glass-using drivers demonstrated some areas of improved performance in recovering from the brake event, the device did not improve their response to the event itself.”

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