Test Drive an iPhone 5S for a Week with T-Mobile

Want to try out the iPhone 5S before you buy it? T-Mobile is letting you do just that. For one week, you can try the iPhone 5S for free with T-Mobile and then simply turn it back in when you’re done. If you find out you don’t like it, you aren’t out any money.

Of course, this program comes with a catch. You have to put a credit card or debit card on file when you get the phone, and T-Mobile will place a hold of $699.99 plus taxes on your account. This hold will go away once you return the phone in good condition, but it is money that will be unavailable for that time. You have to be prepared for that.

T-Mobile will also charge you if you return the phone damaged.

The website states, “If the iPhone 5S comes back with a cracked screen, damaged screen display, water damage, active Find My iPhone feature, or can’t be powered on we have to charge a $100 damage fee.”

Even though these charges may seem high, they are T-Mobile’s way of protecting their investment. Keep in mind T-Mobile already offers a 15-day full return policy, which means you can pay for any phone upfront and then return it within that 15-day period to get your money back.

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