A Tattoo to Unlock Your Phone

Looking for an easy way to unlock your smartphone? Why not get a temporary tattoo that can do that for you? This is now possible, thanks to the Digital Tattoo from VivaLnk.

The Digital Tattoo is basically a sticker that attaches to your skin. VivaLnk has created thin, flexible electronics that communicate with your smartphone or tablet. The tattoo uses near field communication (NFC) to wake up your smartphone when it gets close to it. Simply pair the tattoo with your phone and unlock it whenever you tap the phone against the tattoo.

It takes around five days for the tattoo to wear off, depending on how active you are. Each 10-pack of tattoos costs $9.99.

If you don’t want to use a tattoo to unlock your phone, you could opt for an alternative from Motorola known as Skip. This is a clothing clip that acts the same way as the Digital Tattoo, but you can attach it to a piece of clothing you are wearing.

For just $10, you can get the Skip reusable clothing pin as well as three Skip Dots. You can put the stickers in places you frequently use your smartphone, such as a side table in the living room or dash of the car. When you scan your phone over the sticker, the phone is unlocked.

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