T-Mobile Targets Small Businesses with Price Cuts

Wireless carrier T-Mobile is now aggressively targeting the small-business market by unveiling its Un-Carrier 9.0 plan. This “Un-Carrier for Business” plan contains a number of significant price cuts to help the carrier capture a larger share of the business market.

The rate plan for businesses will begin at 10 lines for $160 per month. If you need 11-20 lines, the price is $16 per line. The price decreases to $15 per line from 21-1,000 lines. After 1,000 lines, companies pay $10 per line.

The plans include unlimited talk, text and up to 1 GB of data per line. Another 2 GB of high-speed data costs $10 per line, and unlimited high-speed data is $30 per line. Pooled high-speed data options are available starting at $475 per month for 100 GB.

“Now, your average American business–with or without the resources to negotiate against the gargantuan carriers–can save more than $5,100 on 20 lines over two years, which is a big deal for most small business owners,” said Mike Sievert, Chief Operating Officer for T-Mobile. “But imagine the billions in savings for the millions of American businesses impacted by the carriers’ complete lack of transparency.”

T-Mobile will also offer savings to customers that have both a business and family plan with the carrier. T-Mobile will count your company-paid line as the first line on your family plan. That could result in a significant savings on the cost of a consumer’s family plan.

“We’re going to do for businesses, what we’ve already been doing for consumers,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “Eliminate pain points and force change. The majority of U.S. businesses–a full 99.7%–have less than 500 employees and don’t have the money or resources to waste debating, negotiating and deciphering the carriers’ hidden pricing. We’re upending how business buys wireless with 100% transparent pricing, the best rates, business family discounts, and more.”

T-Mobile was the fastest carrier in mid-sized and large cities in recent speed tests. But a significant concern is that T-Mobile’s coverage outside of cities and in most rural areas is weak or nonexistent.

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