T-Mobile Offers New Plan for Americans Over 55

T-Mobile has introduced a new unlimited plan for customers 55 and older. The T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan costs just $60 per month for two lines, which includes taxes and fees.

In a video that introduces the plan, T-Mobile CEO John Legere says the new plan is meant to give seniors a plan that allows them to take full advantage of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ will compete with AT&T’s Senior Nation plan, which costs about the same per line ($29.99 per month), but does not offer the unlimited calling, texting, data or the other perks that T-Mobile does. In fact, AT&T’s plan offers only 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes, and unlimited calling to other AT&T customers. Also, the AT&T plan is only eligible for basic phones–not smartphones or tablets.

“For years, the carriers have been patronizing the generation that invented wireless. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down ‘senior’ plans with exactly zero data and — get this — night and weekend minutes! That’s not just idiotic — it’s insulting!” said Legere. “Today, the Un-carrier ends this ridiculousness with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ — an offer that recognizes how Boomers and beyond actually use their smartphones!”

According to T-Mobile, there are over 93 million Americans over the age of 55, and 74% of them use smartphones. Their research also indicates that Boomers are spending 149 minutes a day on their smartphones, which is nearly as much as Millennials who spend an average of 171 minutes on their smartphones each day.

T-Mobile’s One Unlimited 55+ plan will be available online and in T-Mobile stores on August 9.

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