T-Mobile Offers an Easy Way to Unlock Some Smartphones

Most smartphones are locked into a specific carrier, but there are ways you can go about “unlocking” your phone to make it work on any network. These methods have been illegal in the United States for a little while, but they recently became legal once again.

In response to the change in law, T-Mobile came up with a simple unlock app device that allows users to unlock their phones with the touch of a button. They can choose to do this temporarily when they travel or permanently if they want to switch to another network.

Even though this app may sound like a great opportunity to use your phone on the network you like most, there is a catch. At the moment, the unlock app only works on Samsung Galaxy Avant phones. Considering this model is not exactly Samsung’s best seller, it appears as though only a small handful of people will be able to enjoy the convenience of the app.

The laws about device unlocking were just recently overturned, so there is hope that T-Mobile will update its app in the near future. Perhaps then all smartphone users on the platform will have a simple way to unlock their phones.

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