T-Mobile Ignores Credit Scores with Smartphone Equality

T-Mobile’s unconventional marketing approach took another turn this week when the nation’s third largest carrier announced it will offer its best plans and smartphones to all customers, regardless of their credit score or method of payment.

The new program is known as Smartphone Equality, and it could provide new opportunities for people who have had credit issues in the past. The program went into effect on January 25.

The thought behind Smartphone Equality is to reward people who pay their bills on time, even if they have had previous credit problems. As long as someone has made steady payments for 12 consecutive months, T-Mobile will ignore his or her credit score and allow full access to the best deals on the market.

T-Mobile’s president John Legere was very blunt about the company’s reason for creating the program.

“Last year, the carriers spent billions advertising deals and plans that half of Americans can’t get when signing up for wireless service. That’s complete BS.”

T-Mobile hopes to bridge the gap for loyal customers who keep up with their bills.

What kind of deals will loyal customers get? $0 down on the hottest smartphones, with no interest and no credit check. If you’ve been a good T-Mobile customer for the past year, you now may qualify for a phone upgrade that won’t cost any money upfront.

“Fact is, your past payment history is the best way to tell if you’ll make future payments on time. So this is good for customers and good for business,” said Legere.

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