T-Mobile and AT&T Unveil Bargain Smartphones

AT&T and T-Mobile have both introduced new smartphones aimed at customers who want a less expensive option. While the T-Mobile’s Revvl and AT&T’s LG K20 do not offer high-tech cameras, chips or displays, they are on-par with more expensive smartphones of a few years ago.

T-Mobile’s COO Mike Sievert wrote in a blog, “We’re seeing budget-friendly phones today that are practically identical to flagships from just a couple years ago. Gorgeous screens, great cameras on the front and back, and plenty of memory and power to run the most popular apps. That’s exactly what many of our customers—who tell us they want a boatload of features without spending a boatload—are looking for.”

Both companies are offering the cheaper phones to customers of their frequent upgrade plans. T-Mobile’s Revvl, which is made by Alcatel, will be available to Jump customers for $5 per month, and the LG K20 will be available on AT&T’s Next for $5 per month. T-Mobile allows Jump customers to turn in their phone after 18 months for a newer model or pay off the remaining balance to keep the phone. AT&T allows customers to trade in their phone after two years or pay off their phone over 30 months.

T-Mobile has also revised its Jump program to allow shoppers to use it to purchase a number of less expensive phones, which they label “SmartPicks.” These include the LG Aristo ($7 per month), the LG K20Plus ($8 per month), the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime ($7 per month), and the ZTE ZMAX Pro ($8 per month). Jump participants can also trade their phones every 30 days, which could be useful for people who like to try out the latest and greatest phones.

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