Magazine Shoots Entire Editorial Spread with a Smartphone Camera

The quality of smartphone cameras have improved immensely over the years, and many independent photographers are choosing to use them as their primary devices. Lili Forbes of Stellar magazine looked to underscore this in the latest edition of the Irish fashion publication.

Lili shot the entire December editorial spread for Stellar magazine on a Samsung Galaxy Alpha handset, highlighting the phone’s high-definition camera and crisp image capturing.

Kirstie McDermott, digital editor for Stellar, told the Irish Times, “We are really, really pleased with the result.”

The idea for a smartphone-based editorial came months ago, when McDermott and Susan Vasquez, editor of Stellar, approached Samsung Ireland with the idea. The phone maker suggested waiting until the Galaxy Alpha handset launched in September, which is what the team did.

The shoot took place outside in early October, and it showcases party looks for readers of the magazine to try out.

McDermott pointed out that the shoot is in no way an advertisement for the phone or for Samsung. “We wanted this to stand on its own as a fashion editorial. It is not an advertorial shoot for Samsung. In one of the shots, the model is holding a phone, but it’s in a very natural way, in the way that a young girl would.”

The magazine hits shelves this week.

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