Sony’s Next Smartphone Could Have OLED and Flexible Screen

The screen on Sony’s next Smartphone could rival the one on the iPhone X.

Currently, Sony uses LCD screens for their phones, but Business Korea and other outlets are reporting that LG may be providing flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) to Sony for its 2018 smartphone.

Features of OLED screens, which Apple currently uses on the iPhone X, include:

  • A wider range of colors and improved contrast.
  • Unlike an LCD screen, which requires a backlight, OLED screens produce their own light, which can save your battery power.
  • Pixels can be turned off, which means videos will show true blacks.

Sony started using LG OLED screens on its televisions last year.

In addition to a crisper display, Sony may be working on a phone with a foldable screen. Last week we reported that LG has filed a patent to make a foldable display similar to the one long-promised by Samsung. If LG is working on this technology for their own smartphones, they may also sell them to Sony.

Next month, Sony will likely host a press conference at MWC 2018, and they could release more details on their upcoming Xperia smartphone. Hopefully, details on the screen and other specs will be announced then.

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