Smartphones Bring Stress to Leisure Time

People who use their smartphones excessively often experience greater levels of stress in their leisure times, according to a new study from Kent State University.

The project assessed 454 randomly selected undergraduates from the school to determine how much smartphone use impacts the quality of free time. Participants in the study were put into four groups based on their personalities and smartphone use: low-use introverts, low-use extroverts, high-use introverts and high-use extroverts. The high-use groups averaged more than 10 hours of smartphone time a day and represented 25% of the sample.

The study indicated the high-use groups experienced a greater amount of stress and anxiety during their leisure time than the members of the other groups. Researchers say this may partly be due to the high-use groups’ need to feel connected to the outside world, even in a laid-back situation.

The low-use extrovert group faired the best overall, finding satisfactory ways to cure their boredom during their free time without excessive smartphone activity.

“Being constantly connected to your phone is not likely to enhance your experience of leisure,” Dr. Jian Li of KSU said in a statement. “On the other hand, disconnecting for short periods of time in order to seek more challenging leisure opportunities is likely to be beneficial.”

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