Smartphones Make Addictions Worse

As Americans rely more on their smartphones, recovery centers are starting to notice that mobile dependency may act as a fuel for other addictions. Phones give addicts easy access to drugs, alcohol, pornography or other addictions. They are also causing a major hindrance in the recovery process.

“The smartphone is the tool that helps exacerbate that addiction or it’s a tool they use not to deal with that addiction,” Joel Edwards, executive director of Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach told MarketWatch. “We’re dealing with more and more smartphones as part of the underlying issues. These technologies are driving addictions faster and with more intensity than ever before.”

Smartphones can be a drawback to drug addicts in particular, since they can quickly contact their former dealer.

“Even a drug dealer has to take a nap occasionally, but it’s easy for people to connect with others to support that addiction,” said Edwards.

Smartphones have also become a major component to behavioral addictions, like gaming and social networking. It’s nearly impossible to get over the desire to check your Facebook account when you are bombarded with messages about it every few minutes on your phone.

Moving forward, rehabilitation clinics will continually have to battle the excessive influence of smartphones in addictive patients.

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