Most Smartphone Users Don’t Download Apps

According to new data from the research firm Comscore, the majority of smartphone users don’t download any apps in any given month. Only 35% of mobile users download apps during an average month.

This may imply a lack of smartphone activity in the modern world, but that is not the case. Comscore’s U.S. Mobile Report indicates “total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for an astounding 60% of digital media time spent in the U.S.” Even though people are not downloading apps, they are still using their phones and tablets actively.

Comscore says downloads are not what’s fueling smartphone activity. Instead, it is app usage that is sparking a boost in media engagement. The research firm reports 42% of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on the individual’s single most used app.

In spite of this data, the Android and Apple app stores have both been doing well in recent months. Apple saw its best app revenues in history during July 2014.

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Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor. Natalie can be contacted at [email protected]