There Are More Smartphone Users in China Than People in the U.S.

The China Internet Network Information Center recently released data about smartphone usage in China, and the results are somewhat staggering. The data estimates there are more smartphone users in China than there are people in the United States.

CINIC’s report shows that China had 632 million Internet users at the end of June, which is just a little more than double the population of the United States. Of those Internet users, 83% (527 million) access the web through their smartphones.

Internet usage in China grew by 14 million users in the past year.

This massive growth in smartphone usage is not expected to last forever. Barclays says that the total smartphone shipments in China between January and March of this year were 25% lower than shipments from the same period last year. This suggests the market may be slowing down in the months to come.

For now though, China continues to shock us all with its massive population and the impact that population has in the world of technology.

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