Nearly A Third Of Smartphone Users Admit Addiction

New research shows nearly one third of U.S. smartphone users say they are addicted to their phones. Women reported a slightly higher level of smartphone addiction than men, but both groups showed obsession with their devices.

The research, from a YouGov/Huffington Post survey, asked nearly 1,000 smartphone users if they considered themselves addicted to their phones. 28% admitted they were, while 64% said they were not. The others said they were not sure.

Smartphone addiction is not considered a medical disorder, but research indicates that people will become anxious if they are separated from their phones for too long. Part of this anxiety comes from the thought of losing connection with other people. Anxiety also grows from the thought of losing the device itself.

The survey asked users if it would bother them to go without the use of their smartphones or digital devices for a full day. 10% said it would bother them greatly, 25% said it would bother them a little and 35% said very little. Only 28% of those surveyed said it would not bother them at all.

A surprising 38% of smartphone owners said they have fallen asleep in bed with their phones or other digital devices. That figure increased to 41% for people in the 18-29 age group.

Even though smartphone addiction is becoming a problem, most people don’t seem to think it is a big deal. Only 12% of participants said they have fought with a friend or significant other over smartphone usage.

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