Smartphone Providers Offering Sapphire Display Screens

Smartphone developers are beginning to use premium materials in their devices to make their phones stronger, sleeker and more desirable. The latest trend in this manufacturing phenomenon is the use of sapphire display screens.

Sapphire is a desirable material in smartphone production because it is tough and scratch resistant. Some argue it may eliminate the need for screen protectors. Apple has an entire factory in Arizona working on sapphire screens to make part of an upcoming iPhone.

Some luxury phone manufacturers already have this material on their devices. Kyocera’s Brigadier and Vertu’s exclusive range of smartphones come with sapphire displays. Huawei just introduced its new Ascend P7 Sapphire limited edition phone, which comes with a sapphire display.

Sapphire screens do offer superior protection from scratches, but they may also be a little more susceptible to cracking. Considering how expensive they are to purchase, consumers may be better off using glass and a screen protector.

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