Your Smartphone May Soon Project 3D Holograms with a Simple Chip

New technology could completely revamp the way we watch videos and view images on our smartphones.

Ostendo Technologies, a California-based startup company, has developed a smartphone projector chip that can emit 3D images and videos from a smartphone.

“The first iteration of the chip will only project 2D videos, but the next version, expected to follow soon after will feature holographic capability,” said Hussein S El-Ghoroury, founder of Ostendo.

The images that are projected can be as large as 48 inches diagonally. The chip uses advanced, miniaturized LEDs to get the projection to be as crisp as possible.

“The key to the chip’s 3D capability is its resolution. Ostendo’s system puts out 5,000 dots per square inch. Apple’s Retina display, by contrast, has about 300 dots per inch,” explained Ramesh Raskar, associate professor at MIT.

There is currently no information about the launch date for this product. The chip is expected to cost $30.

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