New Smartphone Eye Exam Hits the Market

A new service in New York gives patients the ability to get an eye exam in their homes for just $75, without the presence of an eye doctor. The program, known as Blink, uses a set of smartphone-connected tools to allow remote eye exams with the help of a pre-trained technician.

Blink is the brainchild of startup company EyeNetra. The company has been working on the smartphone-controlled tool for several years as a way to bring affordable eye exams to people who may not be able to visit their optometrist.

With Blink, a technician will come to a patient’s home or other pre-determined location and run the patient through a series of tests, similar to exams at your local eye doctor. The process takes about 20 minutes to complete, and it bypasses waiting in long lines at the optometrist’s office.

The only difference is in the tools used to conduct the test. The results of the exam are sent to an optometrist, who then sends any necessary prescriptions to the patient via email.

The smartphone-powered eye exams are currently only available in New York, but the program could spread to other major cities if it proves to be successful.

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