Smartphone Driver’s Licenses Could Soon Become a Reality

Smartphones have already replaced credit cards in the wallet of many consumers. They could soon replace your driver’s license too. The state of Iowa is set to release digital driver’s licenses this year that could revolutionize the way people confirm their identities.

The concept is fairly simple. The Department of Transportation will issue a free app that people can download on their phones. This app will contain a digital copy of the person’s driver’s license, which can only be accessed by a pre-set PIN. When the user needs to present his ID to someone, he opens the app and displays the license.

The DOT believes this new system could cut back on fake IDs in the future and give people a backup in case they lose, misplace, or forget their IDs. Most people already carry their phones with them, so this could also be convenient.

The digital licenses will be optional. A person can still choose to carry around the plastic license, keeping the digital one as a secondary form of ID. The DOT said they may eventually allow people to opt only for digital IDs.

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