Only Shaq’s Hands Are Large Enough to Naturally Hold an iPhone 6 Plus

Phablets have become an incredibly popular product in the world of mobile technology, combining the simplicity of a smartphone with the convenience of a tablet. A new infographic from Experts Exchange shows just how unnatural these devices are though by comparing the phones’ sizes with the hands of larger-than-life celebrities.

For example, the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 are two of the largest phablets currently on the market. In order to use one of these devices with just one hand, you would need to have a hand height of 11.4″ and a hand width of 5.5″.

Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has a hand height of 11″ and a hand width of 5.3″, just to put matters into perspective.

The average woman has a hand height of nearly 6.8″ and a hand width of 2.91″. The average man’s hands are 7.4″ tall and 3.3″ wide. Based on these dimensions, it would be physically impossible for an average man or woman to comfortably use the biggest phablets on the market.

The Experts Exchange graphic highlights the “thumb zone” that the average man or woman would have with a standard iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S5. Even with these smaller devices, there are still parts of the phone screens that cannot be reached with one hand alone.

The world may be obsessed with the look and tablet-like qualities of the jumbo-sized smartphones on the market, but these phones are not designed for the hands we’ve been dealt. Eventually, the discomfort is liable to overcome the desire for large, flashy screens, and the pendulum will swing back to micro-phones.

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