Sexual Assault Victims Get Help from University’s New Smartphone App

Loyola University in Chicago has launched a new app called “Here for You” that is designed to assist victims of sexual assault. The app connects students with violence services and resources from the school and Chicago area in an effort to get these individuals the help they need.

Loyola University launched this app for the current academic year and offered the download information to students during orientation.

“This is not generally a topic that is very easy for students to discuss,” Stephanie Atella, a health educator at the Loyola Wellness Center told the Huffington Post. “The app was just a private way instead of walking up to a poster and writing a number down.”

Atella went on to say that the university spent an extensive amount of time preparing the app before its launch. “I’m not sure we could quantify the number of hours we spent gathering information for the app and kind of figuring out what went into it.”

Loyola University’s app has inspired other colleges around the country to launch similar programs for their students. While most campuses have abuse hotlines and emergency call centers that students can access, most of them do not have options that are quite as private as this app. Students can learn about their situation and connect with people who can help them recover, all from the comfort of their own home.

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