You Could Soon Send Smells through Your oPhone

Have you ever wanted to send someone a smell through your smartphone? The answer is probably a resounding “No,” but nevertheless, there are researchers at Harvard who are working on making this technology a reality.

Harvard scientists confirmed the first “scent transmission overseas” last week with the help of a device called the oPhone. The scientists were able to send a smell from Paris to New York City through their new technology.

The oPhone was developed by Vapor Communications, a company founded by Harvard professor, David Edwards, and two of his students: Rachel Field and Amy Yin.

According to the development group, their product “intends to bring scent messaging to mobile-phone users wherever aroma matters, for health and memory, self-expression and entertainment, travel and the marketing of aromatic content online.”

To send a scent, a person downloads the free iPhone app called “oSnap.” You then take a photo and select one of 32 different scents in the app. You can send it to your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. It can be received in oPhone hot spots which, according to reports, are only currently located in New York, Paris and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The oPhone will be offered for $149.

The oPhone project recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 to bring the oPhone to market. The campaign has only raised 10% of the money the company needs at this time.

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