Selfies Inspire New Smartphone from Sony

Fans of the selfie will love the new Xperia C3 smartphone from Sony. The phone was designed with the selfie in mind, and it offers plenty of great features to take your self-portraits to the next level.

Sony calls the Xperia C3 “the ultimate new smartphone for selfies and social sharing.” This is partly because of the phone’s 5MP front-facing camera and built-in LED front-facing flash. The phone has several selfie camera apps bundled with it, including one that adds props to pictures and another that enables you to stream a live broadcast to your Facebook account.

“Xperia C3 is a unique new smartphone from Sony, created to offer the ultimate social sharing experience with a new powerful ‘PROselfie cam,'” said Calum MacDougall, director of the Xperia marketing sector of Sony Mobile Communications, in a statement. “It also presents a combination of the best of Sony, with leading digital imaging technology and brilliant specs and performance all for a mid-range price.”

The phone features a 1.2-GHz, quad-core Snapdragon processor and 8GB of internal flash memory, as well as an expansion slot that supports a 32GB microSD card. The phone’s Battery Stamina Mode 3.0 is made to save your battery life by turning off functions on the phone when you’re not using them.

The Xperia C3 is expected to hit store shelves in August of 2014.

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