School Launches Groundbreaking App to Keep Parents Informed

The Albuquerque Public School system has launched a groundbreaking new app to keep parents informed about lockdowns, snow days, evacuations and other important matters related to their children at school. The new app will alert parents when something is wrong at their child’s school so they can take action immediately.

After downloading the free app onto their smartphones, parents can select the schools from which they want to receive alerts. Then, they will receive notifications for emergencies or important announcements related to the schools their children attend. Rather than checking the news every winter morning to find out about a snow day, parents can just keep an eye on their smartphone. This app is the first of its kind, and it could become an industry standard over time.

Nearly 1,100 parents have already downloaded the app. The developer, APPCityLife, estimates that about 300,000 families will use the app on a regular basis as more people learn about this program. APPCityLife and the Albuquerque Public School Foundation split the ad revenue from the app to cover developmental costs and provide financial support for families in the school system.

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