Samsung Trade-ins Triple After iPhone 6 Announcement

It appears smartphone consumers were clamoring for an iPhone with a larger display.

After the announcement of the iPhone 6 last week, smartphone trade-ins have taken a huge upswing. A significant number of existing iPhone users will be switching over to the new, larger smartphone, but industry reports show a noticeable shift happening with Android owners.

According to reports from smartphone buyer Gazelle, Samsung trade-ins were up threefold on a weekly basis after Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement. Many smartphone users are switching to the iPhone 6 because of a larger screen option, even though Samsung is known for its larger Galaxy phones. It seems that Samsung users may finally have a reason to look at an Apple phone because it meets their desire for a larger screen.

When it comes to iPhone users, the most popular iPhone to be part of a trade-in was the iPhone 5. This device made up 47% of the iPhone trades at Gazelle following the announcement. The iPhone 5S came in second with 34% and the iPhone 4S came in third with 13%.

As a whole, Gazelle saw a 293% increase in trade-ins from the week before the announcement. This was an average of 480 phone trade-ins per minute.

The iPhone 6 is available for pre-order now and is expected to be a huge hit when it reaches the market.

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