Samsung Smart Bike Brings Mobile Technology to Cycling

Samsung Maestro Academy has been busy working on a new Smart Bike that enhances traditional cycling with the help of mobile technology. By simply connecting a Samsung smartphone to the bike, users can enjoy a safer, better planned ride anywhere they have cell phone service.

The Smart Bike uses smartphone technology to turn on four laser beams on the side of the bike which alert other vehicles passing by the bicycle. The phone also connects to a camera on the back of the bike so riders can see what may be behind them at all times.

Some features on the bike are still in the works, such as an app that tells you the most frequent route for cyclists heading to a particular destination. The app may also offer a way to report areas in need of a bike lane in your city.

Samsung is not the only company that has been working with mobile phones. The Gi Bike can charge your phone while you ride. This bike does not have nearly the number of options of the Smart Bike, but it also shows how smartphones can even make bike transportation a little more exciting.

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