Samsung Gets Patent for Flexible Smartphone

Samsung is already turning heads with its curved smartphone display, but the company may now have even more tricks up its sleeve. The mobile device maker has officially earned a patent for flexible smartphones that will allow a phone to bend like a snake.

The patent allows for a series of discrete features that move relative to one another along a curve. The links will give users the opportunity to bend their phones inward or outward based on their preferences. Power will continue to be supplied to all parts of the phone regardless of how it is shaped.

Why would someone need or want a curved smartphone? Aside from having a new party trick, a user of the patented technology may be able to secure the phone to their clothing or fit the phone into a purse or backpack with limited space. This may not improve the functionality of the phone, but it is one more innovation to look forward to in the future.

At this time, the patent does not point to the development of any specific devices from Samsung. Nevertheless, the fact that Samsung would try to secure the technology patent shows it may have plans for a new, even more flexible device in the years to come.

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