Samsung Image Sensors Could Create Slimmer Smartphones

Samsung announced its upcoming phones will feature ISOCELL image sensors, which will do away with the smartphone camera “bump” without losing picture quality.

The company has unveiled two ISOCELL sensors, and each have different perks. The first is the 1.28-micrometer ISOCELL Fast 2L9, which features a 12MP camera and dual-pixel technology. The Fast 2L9, which will likely appear on mid-range phones, will improve quick focus and low light photography. Additionally, the new sensor will provide a Bokeh effect, which means users can get depth-of-field images without the two sensors other cell phone manufacturers are using.

The 0.9-micrometer ISOCELL Slim 2X7 has an impressive 24MP camera and Tetracell technology. The Slim 2X7, which will be equipped on higher-end phones, will improve light sensitivity, which means better pictures in low-light conditions and more details in well-lit environments.

“As market demand for sleeker smartphones with advanced features increases, ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and Slim 2X7 both offer high-resolution image sensors in small chip packages, delivering detailed pictures in low-light environments without a camera bump,” Samsung wrote on its blog.

The new lenses will not only be placed on the rear-facing camera. Ben K. Hur, VP of System LSI Marketing at Samsung, said the sensors are “highly versatile as they can be placed in both front and rear of a smartphone,” which means the selfie camera will see these improvements as well.

Since Samsung often provides better cameras on its next generation phones, it is likely these new cells will appear on the upcoming Galaxy S9, though no official announcement has been made.

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