New Samsung Galaxy S6 Shows Company’s Self-Reliance

Technology intelligence firm Chipworks recently went “Inside the Samsung Galaxy S6“, providing valuable insight to the much-anticipated product in the Galaxy line of smartphones. Chipworks discovered that Samsung is becoming more self-reliant now, producing more parts for its devices internally, rather than relying on other companies to create parts for them. This could prove beneficial for Samsung and detrimental to companies that formerly relied on the smartphone maker for a large portion of their parts sales.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced it will no longer use Qualcomm chips to power their Galaxy devices. Instead, the Japanese smartphone giant will be using its own microprocessors, now produced in a new factory outside of Seoul. The new chip, Exynos 7420, is already employed in the S6 that Chipworks analyzed. A source closely associated with the S6 rollout told Forbes, “A meaningful amount of Galaxy S6 phone modems will still be powered by Qualcomm.”

That means that the devices sold by some phone carriers may have Qualcomm chips instead of Samsung chips. The Chipworks phone is assumed to be the one offered by AT&T, since the phone company has already confirmed that Samsung modems will be in their new S6 devices.

There are no official release dates planned for the S6, but they could mark a much needed boost in sales for Samsung. The company faced a hurdle last year with the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are expected to be fierce competitors when they finally hit the market.

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