New Samsung Galaxy Note Has Curved Screen Technology

The Galaxy Note Edge is the first Samsung smartphone on the market to have a curved edge and screen. While the phone remains mostly a Note 4 at heart, this curved edge makes the phone worthy of a double take.

This new 5.6-inch Quad HD+ display includes 160 rows of extra pixels used for the side display. The Galaxy Note Edge is 3.8mm wider and 2.2mm shorter than the Note 4, and it comes with a smaller battery. While the phone does play into the growing “phablet” trend, some reviews say it can be bulky and difficult to hold.

People aren’t going to buy the Note Edge because of its size, however. Their focus will be on the sleek looking design. That simple bend in the right-hand side makes the phone look incredibly futuristic, especially when the menu bar sits neatly along the bend.

There is no price set for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge yet, but expect it to be on the high side.

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