Samsung Galaxy Note 4 May Be Released Tomorrow in Korea

Samsung had planned to introduce the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 in October. But the recent success of the iPhone 6 may have sped up its introduction.

The phone may be introduced on the Korean market as early as tomorrow. Then, it may hit another 140 markets in October.

The Galaxy Note 4 follows the very successful release of the iPhone 6 which made its way onto the market late last week. The phone may look similar to the Note 3 with its 5.7″ screen, but it features a number of upgrades sure to impress Samsung enthusiasts.

The display for the Galaxy Note 4 is a quad HD screen, complete with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The phone has a built-in UV sensor that can warn users if they are getting too much sun outside. It also has an improved fingerprint scanner and a 16MP rear facing camera. The device comes with an S-Pen, which has 2,048 levels of pressure sensing in it.

The battery on the Samsung Note 4 is said to charge in less than an hour. This will make the phone a solid choice for busy people who spend most of their day on the go. The phone can store a significant amount of media with its 32GB internal memory, and offers an expansion slot for an additional 64GB of storage.

The new Note 4 will be available in several colors, including white, black, gold and pink. It is projected to retail near $800 without contract upgrades. The phone should be compatible with all cell phone networks.

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