Samsung Develops Phone Accessories to Help the Visually Impaired

Samsung recently announced a series of new accessories for their Galaxy Core Advance to help users with visual impairments. These accessories may help users better navigate through the modern world in the future.

The most prominent development is the Ultrasonic Cover, which acts somewhat like a walking stick for someone using it. The case goes around the phone and emits a high-frequency sound that the human ear cannot detect. The sound waves bouncing back from objects indicate how far the object is from the phone. The phone will alert the user when an object or a person is within two meters, either through vibrations or a voice alert.

You may think of this a bit like echo-location, often observed in bats and dolphins. The phone listens to the sounds like one of these animals would and uses its return frequency to determine the proximity of a person to nearby objects.

Another accessory soon to be available for the Galaxy Core Advance is the Optical Scan Stand, which places the phone above an object so the words on the object can be read aloud. This would work well for users who need to scan through documents that are not written in Braille.

Finally, Samsung plans to launch Voice Labels that allow users to make notes about different objects. They can simply place a label on the object and record whatever information they want to record into their phone. The phone can then scan the object in the future and play back the recorded information.

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