Smartphone Thefts Nearly Doubled in 2013

According to a new study from Consumer Reports, the number of smartphones stolen in America nearly doubled last year, indicating just how big of a problem smartphone theft is in this country.

The data indicates a total of 3.1 million smartphone thefts took place in 2013 compared to 1.6 in 2012. This spike also occurred for people losing their smartphones, with 1.4 million losses in 2013 versus 1.2 million in 2012.

This trend may reflect a general lack of concern for smartphones in this country, which is rather shocking when you think about all the personal data that is stored on them.

“Given how much personal information smartphones contain–from photos, contacts, email accounts to social networks, shopping and banking apps–losing one of these devices or having one stolen can definitely be cause for panic,” said Glenn Derene, electronics editor for Consumer Reports. “Too many smartphone users are needlessly imperiling their personal data by not taking basic security measures.”

The report further indicated that approximately 1 out of every 3 Americans does not use any security measures at all to protect his phone. Simple data backups and password screens can help this matter tremendously.

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