Rapper Will.I.Am Launching Smartphone Watch in July

Rap artist Will.I.Am is known for bringing a level of creativity to his music, but now he is branching off into a completely different industry.

He has funded a company to develop a watch that acts as a phone all on its own.

Most smartwear requires a phone to operate, meaning that your smartwatch must sync up to your smartphone in order to accept calls, stream music, etc. The devices act as satellites for the phones.

But for Will.I.Am’s device, a phone is not necessary. As he stated in an interview with Alan Carr, “I don’t carry my phone anymore. This is my phone.”

The device has most of the standard features of any smartphone, such as connecting to Twitter and storing music. No information is out about this watch offering games at this time, as the screen may not be large enough to support that.

Some reports indicate that the smartwatch may be introduced in July.

Will.I.Am played an active role in its development, and funded the entire project out of his own money.

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