Modular Phone Puzzlephone to Challenge Google’s Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara is currently the big name in modular phones, but a new phone could steal business from the soon-to-be-released Google program. Known as Puzzlephone, this new handset from Finnish developer Circular Devices makes modular phones even simpler and more affordable.

The Puzzlephone is separated into three components: the Heart, the Spine and the Brain. The Heart is comprised of the battery and other secondary electronics, the Spine includes the LCD screen and the speakers, and the Brain features the processor and the camera modules.

Modular phones are designed to limit electronic waste. If something goes wrong with the camera on the phone, it can be easily replaced. The same can be said for the screen, the speakers and the processor. Everything is interchangeable, allowing for a longer lifetime for each device. These phones have better debugging and safeguards against malware.

Circular Devices began work on the Puzzlephone in 2013, even though they did not officially become a company until November 2014. The phone maker now says they are able to produce working prototypes of their devices, even though they won’t reach the large-scale market until mid-2015.

To keep up with the competition, the Puzzlephone is expected to be set at a mid-range price, which could undercut fellow Finnish competitor, Vsenn. The phones are expected to use a modified version of Android during the first release but may have their own operating systems in the future.


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