Phablets May Account for 1/4 of Smartphone Web Traffic in 2015

Based on predictions from the new Netbiscuits Web Trends Report for the third quarter, phablets are projected to represent nearly 25% of the web traffic from smartphones by April 2015. The traffic has already grown to 14%, up 7% since the April 2014 report.

Phablets, or smartphones with 5-7 inch screens, have been in high demand. The adoption of these devices was fueled by emerging countries in Asia, where owners use their mobile devices as a primary access point to the Internet. The largest user bases are in South Korea with 49% and China with 25%.

The Apple iPhone 6 has been a particularly popular device in this market, representing 2% of all iPhone traffic at the end of October. The phone was only released one month earlier.

Netbiscuits reports that consumers used 5,000 unique devices to access the web in October, up from 4,000 in May.

According to the report, “The emergence of this segment will blur tablet and smartphone categories. For marketers, it will therefore have an impact on expected bounce rates, conversions and engagement. Location and bandwidth considerations will become extremely important.”

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